“La Maestà” Farm

“La Maestà” farm was founded in 2000 with the primary objective of cultivating olive trees and, in the nursery, those of black cypress (Cupressus sempervirens Pyramidalis) through natural systems.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Sense of tradition and respect for the environment are the “ingredients” that the company uses in the care of the olive groves, formed by the cultivars typical of this area of ​​Tuscany: leccino, frantoio, moraiolo, maurino, pendolino and correggiolo, from which produces a precious Extra Virgin Olive Oil, with unmistakable characteristics, determined by particular precautions during the harvesting and milling phases.

Cypresses and Nursery

The La Maestà farm deals with the production of Tuscan Cypress (Cupressus sempervirens pyramidalis), in which the genetic and production characteristics are guaranteed by a strict quality specification. The Tuscan cypress is a beautiful ornamental conifer much appreciated in Italy and throughout Europe and characteristic of the Tuscan landscape.

Garden of “La Maestà”

In recent times, the cultivation of different varieties of vegetables has been added, always respecting the earth and its natural cycles. Our products are not designed for distribution to the general public, but always and exclusively for family consumption and therefore with particular regard to the wholesomeness, genuineness and integrity of the product.

Our Philosophy

From the first day of life of the La Maestà farm, the goal has been and continues to be respect for the surrounding environment. The cultivations are never intensive but respect the natural cycles of the plants and the soil with the same philosophy and type of attention as the agricultural and agronomic operations that were carried out in the past.

Natural Cosmetics

From our products that we grow on the farm, cosmetics are also born where there is a clear project: to enhance our territory, create sustainable agriculture, respect the environment, the person and commit ourselves to a tourism that takes care of the places that passes through.

Courses and Excursions

Courses and Excursions

At “La Maestà” we organize your time if and how you want.



Typical dishes of the Tuscan tradition homemade.



Production of extra virgin olive oil and cultivation of cypresses.

The Real Tuscan Countryside

Your holiday between history and nature!